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#art saves lives but why is nobody talking about how #microdosing saves lives ?

Okay, so backtrack 4 years ago when I decided to change my life. I’ll tell that story in another post, but I’m gonna focus on how art saved me then. I went through an intense body, mind and soul detox. I completely cleared my vessel of drugs, alcohol, processed foods, started exercising and treating my body as a temple, and working really hard towards a big goal I had. As I was really feeling good n feeling myself, I got really into making art. For so long, I had been blocking my creativity by all of the toxic shit I was putting into my body and mind. It was like all of the sudden, I couldn’t stop creating stuff. My downloads were coming through

art BY me and OF me
"Easy As Pie" art OF me and BY me

my art. It was my body and mind’s way of healing at that time. I would spend HOURS a day making stuff. It was never intended these for sale (although I did sell a couple), but it was intended as part of my self-expression and healing journey. I spent sometimes 10 hours a day painting a series of naked chicks with clever metaphors and collage work that came straight from my heart and soul. Art literally helped save my life at that time. I was able to channel energy into something beautiful that I was previously channeling into dark, negative places.

Fast forward to last year. I was lost, confused, and disconnected. I’ve always been on and off depressed for the entirety of my life, so this wasn’t a new feeling but for once I couldn’t shake it. Raise your hand if you’ve ever bursted a fucking blood vessel in your eye from a panic attack that left you with a swollen shut black eye before…anyone or is it just me? I was border line having panic attacks everyday and running on nothing but anxiety and worries. I’ve lived a really fun, colorful life. Everything should have been all good, right? Welp, try convincing my brain that. I just couldn’t get it together and I felt like I was drowning in an ocean of overwhelming darkness. I was having really fucked up and dark thoughts. I tried to get back into art, but I was so deep in a hole of who-the-fuck-knows-what that I was so uninspired to create any art. Exercise used to be a good way for me to channel negative energy, and it was a nope from that too. Catching up with loved ones or friends used to also be a classic trick to switch off my panic mode button, but not this time – instead I was acting like an asshole to them and myself.

I was still treating my body like a temple, trying to create some consistency and control in some aspect of my life. Still working hard towards my goals, and secretly trusting that a solution would show up – and it did. I was opened up to the world of microdosing with psilocybin. Within the first week I was seeing profound changes in my mind and behavior. I was getting epiphanies and a vibrance back into my life that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was able to handle working a stupid amount of hours a week on top of being a full time student on top of cooking nourishing meals for myself every single day on top of keeping fit and healthy…etc etc.

NO microdosing does not make you trip balls or see dimensions or make you hallucinate. If you choose to use it as medicine and not abuse it – which is how psilocybin is intended to be used anyways, you can really allow the healing powers of this plant to change your life for the better.

I still microdose and I do not intend on stopping as long as my body and mind are in alignment with it’s healing properties. I am able to view anything in my life from a higher perspective now. I’m able to live my life with far less anxiety than I could have dreamed of. I’m able to connect better with my body and nature. I feel more gratitude for what I do have in my life. I’m able to squash conflict quicker. I’m able to take responsibility for my actions

faster. I’ve come to understand the root causes of my depression on my own. I’ve been able to see that I’ve suppressed trauma from my childhood and adulthood that is a lead cause to my dark side and found ways to navigate through it (I’m still working on it). I've been able to navigate shame, guilt, and grief I've been carrying around for far too long (also still working on it). I've been able to let go of control where necessary while gaining back the control of what matters. I’ve been able to follow what my heart is telling me more without fear. I’ve truly been out of my depression hole since. This doesn’t mean I don’t still have some fucked up days…I do. HOWEVER, without the power of psilocybin in my life as medicine, I might not even be here. I know that’s heavy, but I’m just being transparent.

I've also tried microdosing with San Pedro. It originated in South America and is referred to as “grandfather” plant medicine. It contains mescaline. I’ve also experimented with microdosing morning glory seeds. They were traditionally used by the Aztecs, referred to as “cord medicine” and has a strong psychoactive. I’ve found similar results from using these in microdose amounts as I do with psilocybin.

I’ll probably write more about microdosing in the future but I needed to get this out there. I love the healing powers of psilocybin mushrooms, and I think that the truth needs to be spread: #microdosingsaveslives


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