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Channel Dream Message – They’re not ‘Wounds’ They’re Splinters

So, the other night I got another really strong message during my dream journey and it was all around the word ‘wound’. Before I went to sleep that night, I had my ritual sleepy time tea and decided to pull 3 of my oracle cards (a different one from each deck) for some guidance on what to pay attention to in my dreams that night. I pulled ‘Achievement – Stay focused on Your Dream,’ ‘No More Wounds,’ and ‘Surrender and Trust.’ I went to bed a little confused. I couldn’t decide if the cards meant to focus on my literal dreams as in goals and potential achievements in life or that I just needed to focus on my literal dream journey. I was wondering if it was talking about my achievements washing away all my pains and wounds or if I was to look for a message among my dreams that night for a clue how to do so. While my brain was trying to make logical sense of it all, I remembered the last card’s message, so I did just that. I forgot about it and went to bed trusting whatever I was to see or understand, it would be obvious.

I was shown the whole collective has been referring to any sort of pains in our lives as ‘wounds,’ myself included. All our words have an energetic connection, as well as our thoughts. They have their own vibration and frequency, just like we do (I’m just explaining this quickly so anyone who hasn’t seen or heard this idea before might better understand). It’s the same idea as where you put your attention, energy flows. How a person label situations, experience, and scenarios – that’s how the energy will imprint it as and manifest. The word ‘wound’ is generally thought of as bad, scary, painful, etc. All those adjectives to describe ‘wound’ leave a negative energetic imprint on that word, making our brains believe our ‘wounds’ are in fact, negative. When we attach a negative thought to our experience, we are essentially training our brain to always connect those things together.

The collective is going through huge transformation together, along with our planet and Mama Gaia. Many people I have done readings for and know are dealing with a lot of deep healing and spiritual journeys. This means, many of us (myself included) are starting to dig up past traumas or other suppressed/repressed memories that are hard. They’re hard to face forward fearless when we’ve buried them so deep from the surface. Many of us are labeling these past experiences as ‘wounds’ which makes sense because they can really fucking hurt. And, I mean, wounds are pretty painful. For us to keep evolving and growing more into our true selves, we have to shift our perspective on the way we label our experiences and use our words/thoughts…and we really need to consider how we use the word ‘wound’ and how it has had an impact on our healing.

I was literally told, “View them as splinters…they’re just splinters.” Wow. I woke up with so much clarity. When we view them as painful, but don’t attach such a strong and negative adjective to our past experiences, it’s easier to understand the lesson, heal, and move forward into our evolution.

Splinters are quick. They might be small, but they hurt. Wounds require a lot of work and care. Imagine if we viewed our past traumas and unwanted hurts like splinters? Painful, but definitely attainable in terms taking care of and getting rid of. We fix the problem quickly and move on without dwelling. Splinters don’t hinder our progress, and our “traumas” don’t have to either.

This doesn’t mean we forget about the experiences that are less enjoyable than others; we don’t let them be our only story by viewing them from a different perspective. We can let them be a page in our books, not the whole thing.

Of course, everyone is at a different level of their path. I really do believe that if we use our thoughts and words more intentionally, then we can control the outcome of our emotions and the situation. This can aid in speeding up our personal healing journeys, which will connect us to our true nature, our path, and purpose quicker.

I’m just the messenger so whether this resonates or not is fine, but remember: “They’re just splinters”



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