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Dreamland Channeled Message - Friendship

I just finished my 2 weeks on of using my Lucid Dream Tea blend. In case you didn’t read before, I usually drink it 2 weeks straight then take a break for at least 2 weeks. I receive a lot of my information from the cosmos during my sleep journey. It’s always been like this for me, which is why I love finding ways of enhancing this fun skill. Everyone has some sort of way to “channel” or “receive messages” this just happens to be my thing. Yours might be something else.

Okay now to the fun stuff. I’ve gotten a lot of messages in my dreams recently. Some have been for me, but many have been for anyone who might need to hear it. I’ve had a lot of information coming through about friendships, how we need them, our friendships with others and ourselves, and the most recent is our friendship with the Earth and all of the elements.

The messages have really stressed how our relationships are all friendships- the first is the one with ourselves. We have to have a strong friendship with the person in the mirror before expecting strong soul friendships to be just a regular thing in our lives. It takes a lot of healing and shit to get there. I’m still working on mine as I assume maybe any of you reading this might be too. I also keep getting shown the importance of being able to grasp the concept of self-care v. self-love. Understand how to find the balance between pampering yourself at the spa for some self-care and diving into and healing your emotions and traumas for some self-love. We need both.

The next is our external relationships. Sometimes friendships are also doing costume changes as other things, such as: romantic relationships, business partners, grocery store checkout pals, parental friendhips, gym buddies, the animals in our lives…Our friendship with ourselves reflects on the friendship we accept from others. We really have to allow ourselves to heal so we can be our truest selves, attracting more blissful partnerships. I was shown that friendships in other places (maybe you wanna call it dimensions or worlds, or universes, or you aren’t sure that’s cool too) are of high importance and treated the way I described in a couple paragraphs up. Be yourself and attract “soul friendships,” you know, the ones that help you grow....where you also grow together. You are encouraging towards each other and truly know how to listen. You are honest, transparent, and have laugh sessions like you just started smoking weed and your 15 with no worries in the world. They help light the fire in your life, but also have the ability to keep things cool and fluid.

A huge star and award winning actor in my dream movies the last couple of weeks has been the Sun. I was literally shown that friendships are like the Sun. They give us life. They give us health. They give us passion, fire, and light. It even lights other things and areas in our lives (i.e. the Sun’s friendship with the moon). When the sun warms your skin, it’s a hug. When the sun burns you, it has taught you a valuable lesson.

That’s how we have to look at friendships. I was shown that we have to let go of any grudges held towards old friendships. We have to heal ourselves so we can heal old friendship wounds that are hanging out in our conscious and subconscious minds (whether we know it or not). I’ve been doing this a lot through my dreams. I’m working on forgiving those that have hurt me in the past and those that I have hurt as well. It’s actually harder than you might think. It’s something that takes a lot of dedication. Sometimes you’re shown that you were truly an asshole (That’s me admitting to this 120%). My dream guides me by showing me someone I had some bad blood with in a scenario where we forgive each other, leave each other with kind words, and move forward while taking the valuable lesson with us. The sun is always present during these, shedding light where necessary and providing warmth, comfort, and a kind embrace. It’s encouraged me to strengthen my soul friendships and seek to forgiveness from anyone in my past so I can move forward in my life into better alignment. I’ve been able to do this with ex partners, my brother who passed away, and past broken BFF relationships for example. Not only was I shown the Sun is like friendship, these are the famous repeating words from 2 nights ago for the majority of my dream journey..”The Sun is our friend, The Sun is our Friend, The Sun is our Friend,…..”. It was stressed that we need to view our relationship with the Earth and all of her elements that give us life like a true transparent friendship. Mama Nature gives us literal life, we come from it….we can help each other grow or we can destroy each other..just like our human-related friendships. One is not above the other. If you choose to commit to having a beautiful friendship with yourself, using the Earth as an aid can really help you dig deeper into your roots and true nature. This creates the domino effect to a deeper friendship with Mama Nature, then all of the external friendships in your life.

That was a lot so kudos if you’re still reading but I was given a lot of information for others and what’s the point of only keeping it to myself. Reach out if you have any input or advice on lucid dreaming or really anything at all and remember:

“The Sun is you friend, The Sun is your friend, The Sun is your friend”


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