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Green Witch Explained & Wildfire Relief

This topic is important to me right now because of the wildfires burning up the West Coast where people, land, and animals are losing lives and homes and it’s all so close to home. I’m gonna explain what a green witch is in my world, and then leave links to websites where you can donate money or things to in Oregon (where I currently live) that are in desperate need of wildfire relief.

I consider myself a green witch. If the word witch freaks you out, that sounds like a lot of a personal problem. For starters, it is NOT related to any religion. It is not a part of Wicca and they’re not considered Pagan…however they can belong to any parts of these aspects in relation to being a green witch if they choose so..just as they have the right to be a Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, etc. It’s a nature-based form of spirituality. It is just a title that many people can relate to…and maybe you can too after you hear a little bit more of what it’s all about.

A green witch works with nature and the natural gifts mama nature offers from the natural world. A green witch believes in doing no harm to others-including the Earth and the animals. A green witch is someone who uses the elements of nature to create everyday things into “magic.” It’s usually someone who feels like everyday has the potential to be “magical.” For example, walking down the street and there’s an incredible rose bush of bright and vibrant colors with an even better smell-suddenly your usual day feels magical, more optimistic, and exciting.

A green witch is someone who feels a deep connection to the Earth and have high respect for all beings and living things. Everything I do, I ask for it to be for the highest good of all…that means for you, for me, for the trees, for the sea, for the cute lil doggo down the road – allllll of it. Being a green witch is about using the tools nature already provides us, and the tools provided within that natural realm to make everyday feel more connected and magical. A green witch prefers to be outside, and is probably more comfortable in nature than in their living room.

A green witch will make their living space reflect their love for nature, so when we can’t be outside – we have the elements in our homes. A green witch respects their bodies with the natural gifts the Earth provides by eating whole foods and creating their own natural remedies for healing. A green witch probably cooks, bakes, makes herbal blends, forages, hikes, camp, etc…a lot.

There’s not God or Deity to be worshipped as a green witch…it’s all about connecting with the Earth’s energy and using it as an aid in creating more of what you desire in life.

Some people are strict about their practices, and that’s fine. I wouldn’t say I have a “practice,” it’s simply a lifestyle I live. I don’t call my tea blends or creations potions or spells – they are just a part of me and I’m a part of them. Much of it is science-based, such as the herbology aspects of it. Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries across continents and cultures.

I feel healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually when I use natural elements to do so. I thank the trees when I’m hiking through them. I don’t pluck a flower that’s still alive and breathing. I follow the cycles of the moon. I cook my meals with love and intention, and thank the food for how it nourishes my body. I use plant medicine to heal myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I use the elements of the Earth to assist me in giving a reading. I use the elements of the Earth to connect to my body more.

I’m just a person who really fucking loves the Earth and I honestly don’t feel like there’s any word or word combo that completely grasps the explanation of how much I love it and feel a deep connection to it mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I will forever be grateful to mama Earth for assisting in my healing journey. I call myself a green witch because it’s the closest thing I can put into the human language of how I could describe one aspect of myself. So, no, I don’t wear a cloak, I’m not part of a coven, and I don’t do voodoo stuff. I just have a deep relationship with mama nature.

If you love the Earth as much as I do or maybe more, or feel for the animals in need of help that have been directly impacted by the wildfires please consider donating or offering your time to volunteer when you can with the links below that I’ve been able to use myself. This is a very small list of the tons of stuff out there, but please help where you can.

Pretty proud to be a part of community right now that’s risking their health and time to help those who need it. Over a million acres have burned. Let's all come together in what ways we can. Obviously other states are affected, so please send aid where you feel drawn. Many people are losing homes and belongings and even lives. Animals are dying and losing their homes. Farmers crops and livelihood are being destroyed along with the rest of this beautiful land. The air quality is worse than anywhere in the world where I'm at and I'm about an hr from fires. Firefighters, medics, and volunteers from all over are risking their own lives to help. Helping each other is the Oregon way, but it's also the HUMAN way.

My hands are ready to help for anyone who needs it, please contact me.


comprehensive list of supplies, fostering animals that need help, where to donate physically:

donate money for supplies to:

venmo for don’t shoot pdx: @Fires-Igniting-The-Spirit

venmo for witchespdx: @/TheWitches

Help the animals:

Paypal for the Oregon Dog Rescue: Oregon Dog Rescue

Help small farms:

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