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Inspo Behind Dream Tea & My Dreamland Adventures

I’ve always been really connected. I remember as a child, connecting with galactic beings and astral traveling. I was really scared because I was so young I didn’t understand what was happening and the environment I grew up in didn’t allow me to feel safe enough to trust the connection. So, like most people, I lost that contact. Not too long after my brother passed away (we can talk about that later) I started getting contacted in my dreams again. This was happening through out of body experiences and extreme lucid dreaming. I tried to suppress it because I hadn’t healed from all of my other stuff yet (and trust me this is way deeper than grief from death- This post is focused on my love for dreams). When spirit is trying to connect and you’re not ready, they, God, the universe – whatever you want to call it – will eventually leave you alone for a while until you’re maybe ready again…or maybe not. And the vicious vortex cycle begins once again. Anyways, I decided when I turned 25 to make some major lifestyle changes. I’d become extremely unhealthy and turned into a person I couldn’t even recognize. I felt out of alignment and the rest of my life matched it. This was a few years after my brother had left Earth now, and he could tell I was struggling…so he started coming to me in dreams.

I was really scared at first. He was sending me clear messages. The first time he came to me we were riding in my car together and he told me to pull over and get fuel. I refused because I was in a hurry, but he kept insisting. I woke up uneasy and sad and was running late so I suppressed it and moved on. I would have normally ridden my bicycle to work, but running late, I drove. My car was dangerously low on fuel and I risked it. Fast forward to me clocking out of work, thinking about heading to the pub with my friends by the beach for beers and a boogie (I was ALMOST ready to make those lifestyle changes) and my car won’t start…because it’s dead…and it can’t be jump started..because I didn’t have enough fuel in my car to do so. I started crying immediately, not because of the inconvenience I’d put on myself, but because I realized that was my first real contact with the other side since I was small. Since it was with my brother, I trusted the energy and allowed him to come to me when he felt necessary to send messages.

I knew that was confirmation of my abilities and I knew that was the confirmation I needed to make the changes I so desperately wanted to commit to. He was visiting me quite often in the dream realm while I was doing deep healing. He told me things about his life that I never knew, we laughed, we hugged, we cried, and we forgave each other. I think the greatest take away from all of this was not my connection to my brother, although that was exciting in itself, but to realize I was a channel for spirit to come through and it all started in my dream mind. It was the opening to the re-connection of myself and all of you here present, past and future.

Fast forward to now. My dreams are working with me more than ever. Notice how I said that? They’re working WITH me? That’s a big deal. I used to think dreams were just dreams. They work for US. An escape from reality. Fake news, my friends. We can work with them. Just like we can work with the energies of the moon, the sun, our tarot/oracle cards, the Earth, ourselves…it only makes sense we can work with our dreams. I started paying attention to my dreams. I wasn’t consistent at keeping a dream journal until I felt compelled to start Cosmic Cereal Milk. I was getting so many messages, downloads, spiritual channeled sh!t, ya know whatever you want to call it, I knew it had to be remembered and let out into the universe for whoever might need to hear it. I started getting so much information, I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. I was lucid dreaming on my own and playing with tea blends when I stumbled upon a combo of herbs that I made into a unique and cute lil sleepy dream time potion. I brew my mix for 14 days straight each night before bed. Then I take a break for 2 weeks from the dream enhancing tea to ensure potency levels and then start the cycle again. Taking a break allows your lucid dream brain-in-training to practice without the enhancing herbs and train that dream muscle up. Lucid dreaming is like the gym for your subconscious mind.

I write my dreams down the second I wake up (iPhone notes are a lifesaver). I often forget about my dreams until later in the day and then read over them when something triggers a memory and it all makes sense, or there’s a message that seems to be screaming at me where there’s no way I can forget so I have to share it. Recently, I’ve been receiving messages for the collective and messages for my personal healing. I’ve been working with my dreams long enough to know who the messages are for. Sometimes I’ll even get them about friends far away or people I’ve never met but can describe them to a T the next day to someone who does know them.

My point of all of this? Stop googling your dreams. Dream definitions belong in the garbage unless you’re accessing the answers from your own heart and soul. The answers aren’t there in the books or the internet – although they can be fun tools. You are the only person who knows what your dreams mean. It’s lame and cheesy, I know, but It’s true. It’s once I quit listening to external views or disbelief about my own dreams and started listening to my own body, mind and soul – trust was built and dreamland’s doors opened wide. If you want to use your dreams as real tools in your life, you have to not make excuses to not track your dreams. You just have to commit, or the practice is kind of a waste of time

I think a lot of us can heal through our dreams. I was recently introduced to one of my guides (reintroduced – he showed up a few years ago but I didn’t understand). His name is George and he’s a super playful Native American who helps give guidance during my readings now too. I was also recently introduced to a new method of bringing light into my body and equally giving it back out to anyone in need and how to use that for protection when I’m doing work in the astral realm as well…but those stories for another time. I’m not saying this tea will give you superpowers or anything crazy. This is my life, you have yours. However, I do believe in the power of dreams and I do believe in my own healing journey. It would be rude not to share this beautiful ritual I use to enhance connection to myself each night. I’ve created a floral Sleepy Dream Time Tea for anyone who is searching for a deeper connection to themselves. That is the point of all of this. Remember, the tea does not work for you and neither do your dreams, you must work WITH them. You already have what you need. Trust is so huge, man, it’s hard to put into words. If you wanna try my tea blend you can purchase a 2 week supply through this site. On that note, my tea mug is empty and my bed is calling my name. Sweet dream journeys my friends.


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