• J Morgan

Why did I create this and Cosmic Cereal Milk – WTF is it??!

Why am I here? Why did I start this journey of Cosmic Cereal Milk and what the hell does it even mean? Well, I’m here because I finally decided to trust in myself and start living the life I know I deserve. I’ve been limiting myself from being who I am because I’ve been too scared to be me…too scared of what others think. Letting outside opinions, unsolicited advice from family and “friends” (which is honestly almost as bad as unsolicited you-know-what pix…) and societal expectations keeping me chained to this version of me that was actually not me at all.

I’ve always been intuitively connected to myself, but the crippling self-doubt, anxiety, and low self-worth I created in my life (the finger is ALWAYS pointing back) from allowing external forces tell me who I was left me disconnected for many years.

I’m here to share my story to connect with others who might be able to relate. I’m here to inspire others to break free from the mold they think they should be and to step into their true self. I’m here to share my story of health, wellness, sexual trauma, death, grief, love, lust, sex, divination, forced beliefs, intuition, psychic experiences, microdosing, wild travel tales, friendships, abuse, eating disorders, body image issues, being a green witch, Ayurveda, autoimmune disease and diet, sexism and so much more. It’s been through reading and listening to other people’s stories about these topics and my own personal experiences with them that’s finally made me realize it’s time to share my story. Even if I can help one person realize their potential and release any guilt or shame around any of these “taboo” topics (which is why I’m talking about them openly, let’s normalize these things) – My heart will be full.

I’m here to give guidance through my abilities as an intuitive psychic and green witch (the old “me” would have never been honest about who I was) to anyone seeking it through oracle card readings and the offer of the herbs I’ve found extremely handy in my life. I truly desire for others to benefit from these natural ways of connecting to their true nature. We are all capable of tapping into the same abilities I do, sometimes we just need someone else to be the channel to remind us how to get there before we can do it on our own (hi, it’s me you’re looking for).

Cereal milk is delicious. It’s sweet and an extra lil treat after you’ve already had a full bowl. I take information from the universe and “pour” it over that big bowl of life you have going on. Some pieces are crisp, some are soggy, some might taste better than others…but if you keep going, there’s that sweet cosmic treat at the end. That treat is you. You’re the treat. Let’s help each other get back to ourselves.

I’m here to connect and collaborate. This is a space where respect is demanded from all, and anyone and everyone is welcome. This is me, being unapologetically me. I can’t wait to connect.


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